HUD Eligible? Apply at Casa Corazon! Location Location Location

Casa Corazon is fully wheelchair accessible. Not even 5 miles from the VA Hospital! Take a tour! The address is 408 Elm Avenue, Long Beach CA 90802. Our goal is to inundate the waiting list with our members, with the end result being a Veteran Wheelchair Accessible Housing Environment.   Contrary to popular belief, PVACC does NOT own this property!!! But,,,,, we do have an opportunity to own it in 2026!!

“New Casa Corazon Applications Available. Pickup Applications at PVACC Office”  Talk with your Social Workers! Become a member of our chapter today!

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C.C. HUD Application Forms

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2014 starts the beginning of The Paralyzed Veterans Association California chapter new website presence. Hope you will join us and visit the website often to learn about what's happening with PVA California.