New Brown Sticker Parking Policy!!

If you have recently been to the Long Beach SCI Center who might have noticed that the VA Police has begun to enforce the parking in the designated SCI Parking Area, commonly known as Brown Sticker Parking.

Many of you might have even received a ticket for having an expired Brown Sticker, unauthorized brown sticker, or not having a sticker at all. The VA Police has begun to enforce parking due to the non SCI veterans who park in the parking spaces or because some SCI patients have taken advantage of the brown sticker policy.

The VA Police has allowed the California Chapter to handle the issuing of brown stickers. This is not the case at other VAMC Facilities were the VA Police issues the stickers. The chapter would like to continue to have the responsibility of issuing the stickers which makes it more convenient to our members. The chapter has implemented new guidelines in issuing Brown Parking Stickers.

The VA 600 Brown Stickers are the only authorized Brown Parking Stickers specifically for Long Beach VAMC and VA Loma Linda SCI. We will also accept other VA Medical Center stickers if you are visiting. San Diego SCI and Las Vegas have different colored and shaped stickers. If you will be an inpatient for a lengthy amount of time and do not have a brown sticker, stop by the PVA California Chapter for a Temporary Parking Pass. The Chapter Office is in Bldg. 150, 2nd floor, room R204.

Brown Stickers (VA 600) are valid yearly; coinciding with your vehicle registration. If your sticker has expired or is within a few months of expiring, stop by the chapter office and bring in a valid vehicle registration. The registration MUST be in your name.

Once your valid registration is verified and you are registered as a SCI/D patient, the PVACC Office staff will go out to your vehicle and place the Brown Parking Sticker on your windshield. This policy requires the sticker to be placed on the lower right corner of the windshield. If you have multiple vehicles that need stickers, bring in your valid registrations and stickers will be issued to you. If the vehicle you came in is not yours, or is a temporary vehicle, stop by the chapter to receive a Temporary Day Pass.


Toki Katsuki
President, PVA California Chapter

About PVA California

2014 starts the beginning of The Paralyzed Veterans Association California chapter new website presence. Hope you will join us and visit the website often to learn about what's happening with PVA California.