Adaptive Rowing


What is Adaptive Rowing? Adaptive Rowing is rowing or sculling for people with disabilities. Who can participate in Adaptive Rowing? There are no age restrictions for participation Evaluations are performed individually as all individuals with disabilities and limitations are unique. Functional evaluations are performed to assure the participants safety on the water.

There are classifications of abilities in adaptive rowing.  There are 2 classifications of fixed seat rowers. For those who can only use arms due to Spinal cord Injury or other there is Arms only rowing. Trunk and Arms or TA for those who have mobility in lower abdominals and back but no use of legs for rowing and Legs Trunk & Arms or LTA for those who can use their legs to slide in sliding seat such as autism, cognitive and intellectual, traumatic brain injuries, amputee’s visually impaired and blind to name only a few. Adaptive rowing covers a broad range of disabilities, ages and levels of participation from recreational to competitive and from on the water to adapted indoor rowing on a rowing machine.

Angela Madsen founded California Adaptive Rowing Programs in 1998. She is a US Rowing Level 3 Coach

Angela has won 4 gold medals at the World Championships of rowing 2002 thru 2006. Angela has since rowed in the Paralympics in Beijing China 2008 and gone on to become the only person with a disability to:

  • 2007 Row across the Atlantic Ocean
  • 2009 Row across the Indian Ocean
  • 2010 Circumnavigate Great Britain
  • 2011 2nd Row across the Atlantic Ocean
  • 2014  Row from California to Hawaii

Angela’s website

Competitive rowing opportunities

Indoor rowing

The Concept2 rowing machine can be used as a training tool for competitive rowers or for people who want to cross train for other sports or to improve fitness levels. Fixed seat adaptations to a regular rowing machine are used for arms only and trunk and arms rowers. There are competitive opportunities in indoor rowing. Check out

Where are we located? Pete Archer Rowing Center, Marine Stadium, 5750 Boathouse Lane, Long Beach, CA 90803

For rowing schedules, to volunteer or to make a tax deductible donation contact:

California Adaptive Rowing Programs

Mail only: 3350 E. 7th St. # 231, Long Beach, CA  90804, Phone (562)481-4732

Angela Madsen, (562) 505-4157, E-mail:,  US Rowing level III coach

Cathleen Yampolsky US Rowing level I coach (562)-310-2757, E-mail

Rowers and volunteers learn:

  • Basic skills of boat handling
  • Goal setting
  • Teamwork
  • Personal Safety
  • Basic boating Guidelines
  • Accident prevention and rescue
  • Rowers and volunteers earn: Physical Education Credits for Participation & Community Service Hours for Volunteer Services, Like us on Face Book

We are a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to provide instruction and training for competitive and recreational opportunities in the activity or sport of rowing for people with disabilities







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