PVA California Chapter Sports Funding Policy

PVA CALIFORNIA Chapter provides funding for those members participating in sports events, both team and individual sports. The purpose of having a sports program is to not only to increase the opportunities for members with Spinal Cord Injury/Dysfunction (“SCI/D”) to compete against their peers and maximize their independence, but will also raise awareness in the non-SCI/D community as a whole. The following criteria has been put in place for all members participating in sporting events:


1. All participants must be a PVACC voting member (except for attendants or aides).
2. Be a member of PVA California Chapter for six months.
3. Members must submit their funding requests thru the Sports Committee no later than 30 days prior to the event for which funding is requested. You can submit your request with a PVACC Funding Request form or you can write a letter outlining what funding is needed, the event to be funded and any other pertinent information that will support your request.
4. The Sports Director will then present your request to the Board of Directors for approval at the monthly PVACC Board Meeting.
5. Members can be funded for three Sporting Events per fiscal year.
6. Qualifying Members are funded 50% air airfare & hotel. Members traveling with attendant (with proper prior approval) will be funded 50% airfare & hotel. No entry fees or registration fees will be funded. If participant is a Novice (first time attendee) at the Summer Games or Winter Sports Clinic, they will be funded 100%.
7. In exchange for funding by PVACC to attend a Sports Events, a member must attend or volunteer his time a minimum of three PVACC functions during a fiscal year. Listed below are some PVA-CC functions you can attend and/or volunteer for the following functions:

Help with bulk mailings** Deep Sea Fishing Trip
Parties in Recreation Therapy PVACC Awareness Week
BBQ’s or parties in the 2nd Floor Patient Dining Room/Super Bowl Party
PVACC Annual Christmas Party/Friday Night Bowling
PVACC Annual Picnic /BBQ PVA-CC functions that may need volunteers

8. After you are approved by the Board of Directors for funding, you must pick up your check at the PVACC office and sign the “Funding Agreement” attached to your check.
9. Recipients must submit a written summary of the competition and the experience of the event, and pictures if possible, for the PVACC News Bulletin. Failure to do so will result in denial of future events being funded by PVACC.
10. Receipts for funds must be provided within 15 business days after the event. Failure to do so will result in denial of future events being funded by PVACC.


Upon acceptance of this check you agree to return to PVACC the receipts for the total amount funded. You are also required to provide a letter and if possible any pictures describing your trip for publication in the Chapter News Bulletin.

If for any reason you cannot attend the event you are being funded for, you must return all funds that have been advanced to you within 30 days of the event. You can be taken to small claims court to recover unreturned funds.
Failure to meet the above requirements will be taken into consideration on your next funding request.