PVACC Sports and Recreation Schedule of Events

Hi there!

September has arrived! Attached is the calendar for the month.

A few new events we have this month that we are really excited for:

Reminder that all of this outing are made to be adapted to fit your unique needs.  Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Paddle boarding-like stand up paddle boarding, but using a wheelchair attached to a modified paddleboard.  This will be in Newport Beach the first Tuesday of every month!

Golfing– at the Navy golf course in Cypress.

Equine Therapy is back! Time to get back to see the horses.

Air guns is back too!! Anyone interested in practicing their shooting skills, this is a place to do it at.

Sailing– monthly sailing trip taking place in Newport Beach.

PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THE CALENDAR TO SEE DATES AND TIMES. If you have ANY interests please reach out and contact myself or Crystal.

Rebecca Kopczak, CTRS

SCI/D Recreation Therapist

VA Long Beach Healthcare System

5901 East 7th Street

Long Beach,Ca 90822

(562)826-8000 ext. 2121


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